EUSAS Conference "The Future of Gas Sensors for Fire Detection and Safety Techniques"

European Conference on

The Future of Gas Sensors for Fire Detection and Safety Techniques

organized by EUSAS - European Society for Automatic Alarm Systems e.V.

September 5th/6th, 2012
Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany


Aim of the conference

The future of gas sensors for fire and safety techniques is determined to a great extent by new detection principles, new or enhanced sensors, sophisticated evaluation algorithms, and latest communication technologies. Equally, new demands arising from unconventional applications have stimulated new solutions, combining proven technologies in novel and innovative ways. This conference aims to review these drivers and how they are shaping the future of fire detection.

The conference kicks off with a review of the state of the art in gas sensing for fire detection. From there it moves forward to examine new demands in subway stations and mining which are being tackled by the application of multisensors - using established sensor technologies in combination with novel complex algorithms to achieve reliable signal evaluation. The focus then moves to new detection principles: First, a new technology which exploits “work function changes” for signal generation is introduced along with results from first tests by an experienced user company.

Second, results of a current EU project are reported showing the possibility to marry the sensitive layers of established semiconductor gas sensors with glass fibres thereby avoiding any electrical contacts at the site of detection. The programme continues with a paper describing the challenges of providing effective fire detection in a large scale drying process where fast and efficient drying must be balanced with the risk of fire. This is followed by papers addressing the essential role of biological aspects in the future of fire detection, the potential importance of extremely sensitive ion mobility measurements both for fire detection and other safety and security applications. The workshop closes with a presentation on new developments of passive cooling.


Target audience

Planners and operators of public facilities, fire risk managers, security and fire protection personnel, technical developers and product managers.



Conference organization

EUSAS e.V. Secretariat c/o Universität Duisburg-Essen
Mrs. Patricia Mang, Bismarckstrsse 81, 47057 Duisburg / Germany
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Local organisation

Prof. Andreas Schütze, Lab for Measurement Technology, Saarland University
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Conference hotel

Hotel La Résidence Saarbrücken
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