Keynote at MNE Eurosensors 2022, Sep. 19, Leuven, Belgium

MNE2022 banner

Prof. Schütze will give a

keynote talk on "High performance gas measurement systems based on microsensors"

in track 3 "Micro/Nano Engineering for Physical and Chemical Applications" at this years MNE EUROSENSORS conference.

Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE) is the core international conference focusing on micro- and nano-fabrication, manufacturing techniques, as well as applications of the fabricated micro/nanostructures, devices and microsystems into electronics, photonics, energy, environment, chemistry and life sciences. In September 2022, MNE is jointly organized with Eurosensors, leading to an exceptional event tagged as MNE-EUROSENSORS 2022. The conference will be held in beautiful Leuven, close to Brussels, in Belgium. 

LMT presentations at ISOEN, Aveiro, Portugal, May 29 - June 1, 2022

From May 29 to June 1, ISOEN 2022, the International Symposium on Olfaction and Electronic Noses, will be held in Aveiro, Portugal. ISOEN is the world’s premiere technical conference in artificial chemoreception (olfaction and taste). ISOEN 2022 provides a forum for scientists, engineers and practitioners to share their latest findings, innovations and products in the area of artificial chemoreception.

LMT will present several contributions in this conference:

  • Wolfhard Reimringer, Julian Joppich, Martin Leidinger, Caroline Schultealbert, Andreas Schütze and Thorsten Conrad:
    A Modular Sensor System Design for Instrumental Odor Monitoring
    oral presentation

    Yannick Robin, Johannes Aman, Payman Goodarzi, Andreas Schütze and Christian Bur:
    Transfer Learning to Significantly Reduce the Calibration Time of MOS Gas Sensors
    oral presentation

    Julian Joppich, Oliver Brieger, Ksenia Karst, Daniel Becher, Christian Bur, Andreas Schütze
    MOS Gas Sensors for Food Quality Monitoring using GC-MS and Human Perception as Reference
    oral presentation

    Julian Joppich, Wolfhard Reimringer, Thorsten Conrad, Bettina Mannebeck, Christoph Mannebeck, Christian Bur, Andreas Schütze
    Calibration of Sensor Systems for Odor Monitoring: an Approach and its Limits
    poster presentation


LMT presentations at ASIC, Pasadena, May 11-13, 2022

ASIC, the Air Sensors International Conference, will take place in Pasadena, USA from May 11 to 13.

ASIC will bring together stakeholders from academia, government, communities, and commercial interests to promote and advance air pollution sensors, improve the data quality from these sensors, expand the pollutants measured, and foster community involvement in monitoring air quality.
Hosted by the University of California, Air Quality Research Center.

LMT will present several contributions in this conference, mainly in session 4C: Indoor Sensing for Air Quality Control and Ventilation Applications (May 12):

  • Johannes Amann, Tobias Baur, Caroline Schultealbert, Christian Bur, Andreas Schütze:
    Low-cost high-performance VOC sensor systems: comparison with analytical measurements and long-term stability
    oral presentation

  • Christian Bur, Tobias Baur, Johannes Amann, Christian Meyer, Andreas Schütze:
    Standardized test instructions and test gases for VOC detectors for indoor air quality measurement
    oral presentation

  • Johannes Amann, Tobias Baur, Christian Fuchs, Christian Bur, Andreas Schütze:
    Sensor Control - a versatile platform for high-performance, low-cost AQ multisensor systems
    poster presentation


Call for papers for upcoming conferences

Upcoming conferences with participation of LMT in the organizing or conference committee

SMSI 2021 - call for papers
Sensor and Measurement Science International
3 - 6 May 2021 - Nuremberg, Germany

The more accurate and reliable measured data are, the better is the opportunity to control and to advance the corresponding processes and products.

Appropriate metrology regulations, sophisticated measurement science and highly specialised sensors for the instrumentation of every possible process for monitoring our health and our environment are essential for relevant topics today, such as the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things.

The SMSI brings scientists and researchers from all concerned scientific fields together to secure the success of these ideas in the future.

CIM2021 - call for papers
20th International Metrology Congress
28 - 30 September 2021 - Paris, France

Unique event in Europe - a showcase for industrial applications, advances in R&D and prospects dedicated to measurements, analysis and testing processes.


  • Controlled Measurements: uncertainties, traceability, cost optimisation, certification, standardisation, conformity and risks ... for measurement, analysis and testing processes
  • Optimised Measurements: techniques and best practices for mass, force, flow, pressure, dimension, electricity, time-frequency, temperature, hygrometry, optics and photonics, ionising radiation, chemical measures, biological measures …
  • Advanced Measurements:
    • new technologies, smart sensors, IIOT
    • data qualification, analysis and security
    • quantum technology, AI, blockchain
    • jobs evolution, recruitment
  • With applications to all sectors: mechanics, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, health, agro-food, environment, pollution, energy...

2nd International Conference on Societal Automation, Funchal/PT, 7.-9.10.2020

2nd International Conference on Societal  Automation

Funchal, Portugal, 7-9 October 2020  
(paper submission deadline April 12, 2020)

The second edition of the Conference on Societal Automation will attempt to look in a holistic way at the Societal Automation domain in order to try to determine what solutions, technologies, architectural frameworks, and design tools are going to be needed in the design, development and deployment of future human-centered life-quality improving solutions and systems such as Cities of the Future, as well as economic aspects of innovation and new technology development.

Call for papers

Please take a look at Track T5: Sensors in Societal Automation

 Track chairs:

  • Joerg Gebhardt, ABB Corporate Research, Germany
  • Tizian Schneider, Saarland University and ZEMA gGmbH, Germany

Sensor topics include the following:

  • Unconventional Sensing - Non-invasive and remote sensing; Pervasive sensing; model-based and soft sensing; Novel components; Innovative applications and deployment experiences; System modeling, simulation, measurements, and analysis.
  • Sensor Networks - Devices and architectures for networked sensing; Network and system architectures and protocols; Network health monitoring, management, and accuracy considerations; Synchronization; Sensor tasking, control, and actuation.
  • Sensors for Digitization - Energy harvested systems; Transparent plants/factories and privacy; Influence factors from and impact on workforce and labor; Detection, classification, tracking, reasoning, and decision making; Sensors for condition monitoring, self-diagnostics and self-healing systems, instrument - overlapping diagnostics; sensors and plant autonomy.
  • Signal Processing - (distributed) signal processing; Fusion of sensor information; Sensing and artificial intelligence; Sensor data processing, mining, and machine learning; Metrology, in particular uncertainty analysis of sensor fusion and machine learning results.